Saturday, February 25, 2012

Split Level House Plans

A relative of the Split Level House, the  Split Level House strategy features three stages of house on a layout that makes economical use of the building lot.  Split Stage and similar  Split Level House plans are particularly well-suited for sloping lots. In a  Split Level House layout, the home reveals to a landing or the ground containing the lounge, lounge, and kitchen. A half-flight of steps brings up to the rooms, while another half-flight brings down to the basement, which may contain a rec area and additional rooms in addition to the utility area and garage. The relaxed and relaxed  Split Stage house strategy caters well to growing families, since the multiple stages allow close relatives to carry on different activities in different areas of the property without unsettling one another.The exterior of a  Split Stage design generally appears like a Farm house, with a low gable or hipped roof, large picture windows, and minimal decorative details, but some  Split Stage house designs may reflect North-eastern or Tudor impacts.

Split Level House programs are typically tri-level home programs where three levels of living are connected by a central stairway. The design of break up stage home programs usually provides the rooms at the highest stage and a garage area and living room at the lowest layout stage.  Split Level House programs are economical home programs to build.  Split Level House programs are both a type of layout as well as an exterior style.